Through The Hopeless Haze

Time Kills Hearts

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Toronto, Canada (08/01)

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Moosdecke by Noirerora

image of Princess Diana on a yacht in Portofino, Italy, in August 1997.


image of Princess Diana on a yacht in Portofino, Italy, in August 1997.

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“Note to self: every time you were convinced you couldn’t go on, you did.”


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“You had me at a point where I would’ve left the entire world behind for you.”

– 2:03am, I really loved you that much 

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magical-looking water

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“When I was a student at Cambridge I remember an anthropology professor holding up a picture of a bone with 28 incisions carved in it. “This is often considered to be man’s first attempt at a calendar” she explained. She paused as we dutifully wrote this down. ‘My question to you is this – what man needs to mark 28 days? I would suggest to you that this is woman’s first attempt at a calendar.’

It was a moment that changed my life. In that second I stopped to question almost everything I had been taught about the past. How often had I overlooked women’s contributions?”

Sandi Toksvig

There is an under-representation of our stories, just as there is an under-representation of us in politics and in business and everywhere. That’s what feminism is [to me] right now - the recognition that we are still not equal.

I absolutely love guys. I love hanging out around them - well, not all of them, some of them are dickheads - but you know, the ones that I love, I love.

But you have to recognize that the playing field isn’t even yet, and it does have to be even. And you can still like clothes.

Keira Knightley to ELLEUK’s July 2014 issue 

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Copenhagen, Denmark - 16/06

Copenhagen, Denmark - 16/06

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The boys photographed by Cal Aurand. 

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